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MMBasic Versions

MMBasic was originally written for the Microchip PIC32 microcontroller and is being ported to a number of other 32 bit microcontrollers.

This page lists all the versions of MMBasic that are currently available.

Windows/DOS Version

The Windows/DOS version of MMBasic was created to make it easy to evaluate MMBasic.  It is a single executable that does not need installation, just double click on the executable and MMBasic will run in a DOS window on Windows (including Windows 10).

It includes the full language plus file I/O, serial I/O and a few extra DOS orientated features.  It can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

PIC32 Generic Version

This is a minimal version of MMBasic for the Microchip PIC32.

The intention is to provide developers with a simple implementation of MMBasic to use as the starting point for porting MMBasic to a new chip or hardware environment.   This implementation only requires a UART interface for the user to run and test BASIC programs. The hooks are there to add storage and other functions but they are not required in the first instance.

A pre compiled HEX file of this version can be downloaded from the Download page.  This can be loaded onto most boards using either the 64 pin or 100 pin variants of the PIC32 supporting 512K flash and 128K RAM.

Maximite Version

The Maximiteis a small self contained computer based on the Microchip PIC32 microcontroller that includes built in video and keyboard interfaces.

The Maximite version of MMBasic includes support for features such as colour VGA video, composite video, PS2 keyboard, SD card for storage, USB, graphics, sound, external input/output and a host of communications protocols (asynchronous serial, SPI, I2C and 1-Wire).  To run this version you need a Maximite computer and many variants are available ranging in cost from US$40 to US$90.

The Maximite and versions of MMBasic running on it have their own website.  Go to the Maximite website for more details and downloadable versions of MMBasic for the Maximite.

UBW32 Version

The UB32 is a small board holding a Microchip PIC32 microcontroller.   Almost all of the connections to the microcontroller are brought out as solder pads on the edge of the board making it easy to use the board as a high performance embedded controller.

The version running on this board is the same as the Colour Maximite version in features but the board makes it easier to experiment with using the language in a embedded situation.  More details can be found at

UBW32 board can be purchased from and is supported by its creator at  The UBW32 can also run the PIC32 Generic Version of MMBasic (described above).

Micromite MkII Version

The Micromite MkII is a Microchip PIC32MX170F256 series microcontroller programmed with the MMBasic firmware. This chip is available in an easy to use 28 pin dual in line package which can be easily soldered and plugged into an IC socket.  The Micromite is intended as an easily programmed microcontroller - something that can be used to add intelligence to a project with the minimum of work and cost.

The version of MMBasic running on the Micromite is essentially the same as that running on the larger Maximite but it includes much more extensive hardware support including devices such as infrared remote controls, temperature sensors, LCD display modules, battery backed clock and numeric keypads.

For details of the Micromite MkII go to